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Group Day booking on Deadmans beach. Weather looking good. Bring swimming gear for some fun in the water.

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Hi Folks,

We are planning two Leader Water Tours, Saturday 23rd September and Saturday 30th September.

We would like every Leader to attend one of them if at all possible please ?

Saturday 23rd to start at 11:30am (high Tide) in the Claddagh, taking the MaryAnn on a tour of the river, the inner and outer harbour, out into the bay and around to Deadman's beach.
We will land on the beach and explore our new Scout site, the Shanty and the new Shed and all the dinghies.
We will also check out Rasa, Loveen, Emily, Rashone and MaryAnn.

Plan is to end up in Monroe's about 3pm for a pizza where we plan to pair up leaders with water mentors and to discuss water training needs.

Saturday 30th will start at 5:00pm (high Tide) and will follow the same program.

Cost covers petrol only, pizza is your own expense.
If weather bad we will tour the Claddagh and the Harbour by foot and then drive around to the Deadman's site.

This will be a major opportunity to meet many of the other leaders and gain water knowledge, i encourage everyone to attend one.


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Saturday 23 September, Saturday 30 September